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Here is where you are blessed with the commentary of both Zach and Ben, which allows you to live a more fullfilling life and die a happy camper.

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Title Zach Ben Rating
Serious Sam: The Second Encounter The Twinkie of First Person Shooters, SS:SE provides a fun, mindless experience at a budget price. It can't compare to Medal of Honor's Tiramisu, but you aren't paying $50, either.   $23
Star Trek: Hidden Evil
I beat this game in one hour and forty-five minutes. That's less time than almost every movie released recently. I pay $5.00 for movies. It's a good thing that I rented Hidden Evil, because I would have been frothing at the mouth if I had paid $40+ for the game. To add insult to injury, the game isn't even very good. The Graphics are mediocre, the combat is dull and hard to control, and the plot is weak.
I can only think of one slightly redeeming thing in the game, and that is the ability to play most of the game with only one hand. This will allow all those SpinerFems out there to... amuse themselves whenever Data is talking.
There is also a "Special Edition" version of the game that comes with a VHS of the final Star Trek: TNG episode, thereby doubling the life of the package.
I don't think that I can even follow commentary like that. Fuck... 2.5 (yes, worse than a Headgame)
Planescape: Torment
Fuck... (as in good) Not done at time of review. 9.7
Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear
At its core, Rogue Spear is Rainbow 6... and twice as hard. While R6 would have me swearing in frustration, RS caused me to stop playing out of fear that I would do something violent. Past that, RS has the expected graphical and gameplay enhancments that justify a sequel, but only barely. Most of the time I felt like I was just playing new levels for R6. While that isn't necessarily bad, the game does lose some of it's "freshness", for lack of a better word.

Did I mention that the game was really hard? Really, really hard? Assuming you didn't start reading this halfway through (thereby making you lazier than me). I just felt like mentioning that again. It is really hard. "Urge to Kill Rising" hard.
This is more like an expansion pack for Rainbow Six. I have a lot of mixed feelings about this one. On one hand I couldn't get enough of Rainbow Six so Rogue Spear was a blast. However I was really hoping for a bit more out of a sequel to such a fantastic game. The only differences were that it has steeper requirements and is much more polished. I have to agree with Zach about it being hard, but not to the extent that he says it is. In fact some of the missions were a little bit too easy, such as the hijacked airplane. On the other had the following mission made me want to put my fist through my monitor. A good game though. 8.0
Game Designers take note: This is what you get when you are creative. By trying something new (and making it look really nice), Relic has created a game that, quite simply, rocks. The single player game is interesting and challenging, although it is also a tad short. The multiplayer game actually forces you to use tactics and formations. The only strange part of the game is the interface, and a strong tutorial takes care of that. This is one of the most refreshing games I have played in a long time. It has a very new feel to it. All of the graphics are beautiful. The AI is challenging and intelligent. I personally thinks the game was just about long enough. (one mission couldn't have hurt :) The multiplayer is phenomenal. (and it came a long way from its beta stages let me tell you) The story is compelling and well thought out and it leaves me with a request for nothing but more. Relic really outdid themselves this time. Great job. 9.0
If this could be merged with Midtown Madness it would be perfect. What Driver lacks in graphics and a decent damage model is made up for in a story, a variety of missions, and multiple cities. However, the best part of the game has to be the way the engine allows for movie-like chase sequences. No game yet has managed to capture the intense feeling of weaving in and out of traffic and cutting corners while the blaring police sirens get closer and closer. My only dream is that Reflections will allow me to create my own car in the inevitable sequel so that I can create a computer version of the crudmobile. I would then drive it off a cliff (it would live, just to spite me). N/A 8.4
Heavy Gear 2
N/A You run around in a 20ft tall robot shooting and blowing crap up. There are objectives, but who pays attention to those anyways. It has some really cool features like space missions and humanistic control of your robot. There is a slight feel of unfinishedness but nothing major. A nice change and a good sequel. 8.2
Midtown Madness
You get to drive around Chicago in a bus and ram into things. There are races too, but who cares? Ramming into things is so much more fun. On a side note, either Chicago has really strong trees or really weak steel, as I was able to knock down lamp posts but a sapling would stop my Semi dead in its tracks. N/A 8.4

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